May 28, 2013

Beautiful Life

It's been a few weeks since I last posted. Sadly, my grandmother passed away last weekend. After a long battle with metastatic bone cancer, my Mom-Mom went home to heaven to be with God and Pop-Pop. She fought bravely and her faith never once wavered. She was surrounded by a house filled with family and friends who loved her in her final moments on earth. I miss her more every minute, but I can still feel her with me as I do my daily activities.

Her senior portrait from 1944. She's gorgeous.
Through everything that's happened in the last two weeks, I feel closer to God than ever. During her final week of life, we saw Mom-Mom smile at angels we couldn't see. I feel like that's the closest to heaven I'll ever get while I'm here and it was phenomenal. She was the most incredible woman I've ever been blessed to know and I know she'll continue to watch over me.

 For a long time, Mom-Mom had been telling me that she wanted me to sing Schubert's Ave Maria at her funeral, when she died. I was never prepared to sing it because the thought of her dying was too much to handle. I grew up a lot this month and I told her I'd sing it, but that when the time came, she'd have to help me through it. I don't know how I sang without bursting into tears, but I know she was with me. She gave me the strength I needed to honor her beautiful memory. Everyone said she'd be proud of me and I believe it.

Strawberry Daquiri

Some of the last words my grandmom spoke were,"I had a beautiful life." My goal is to live as she did, appreciating everything I have at any given moment. I hope that in my last moments on earth, whenever they will be, I will be able to say the same thing.

Live life beautifully.

XO - Monnny

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  1. This is beautiful and sad and perfect in all the right ways.


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