February 28, 2014

Last Week on Instagram

I was looking through my IG pictures from last week and realized that even though this weather sucks, it’s making for some really awesome photos. I mean mother nature must be going through menopause or something because she can’t decide between being a 20 degree winter wonderland or sitting at 55 degrees and thundering like the sky will fall down. It’s gotta be the change. Or maybe just climate change. Who knows? All I know is that I’m ready to wear flip flops and the bathing suits I just bought at Target on Friday night. Wow, ramble much?
What was I talking about? Oh yeah, my awesome phonetography (I may have made that up) skillz. Here are some really nice pictures that only looked good because I’m good at tapping my phone screen (no, it’s not because of Flappy Bird).
Although it’s pretty, I want Winter to end…like yesterday
This one is where I pretend to be artistic while preparing to paint my nails because Jordan wanted to know #widn. Her pic was her adorable nephews so I think she wins.
A nice lady in the lane next to us waited to pull up until I got my shot. I’ve never seen anything like it #nofilter #hashbrowns
I went to the Phantoms game with Sarah on Friday. They lost, but I’m totally used to my teams losing (looking at you Sixers…and Temple…and pretty much every other Philly team). It was a really fun game despite the fact that there were a zillion brats kids who probably should have been on leashes.IMG_20140222_183457
On Monday, my friend Sadie called me and asked if I wanted to go sit in on a rehearsal for our old high school choir. So we did. It was nostalgic and awesome and apparently we’re legends now. They were learning a song we had performed for a competition so of course we more more than happy to help out.
And then there was this. Remember when I said I didn’t graduate and I ordered my senior portraits so that I could feel like it was official? Well, they finally came in the mail. TADA!
IMG_20140226_073447 (1)
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!
Instagram makes me feel like a better photographer than I am. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way!
Have a great weekend, everyone! Just an warning: I'll be live-tweeting the Oscars on Sunday night. And if Frozen doesn't win best animated feature, I'm out. So in honor of my new favorite movie, I'm linking up with Miss Yoga Pants for #backthatazzup Friday.
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  1. I lurv this post because of course I can relate to it aka teams losing #TUfanAtHeart.... Snow? Gotta go

  2. Great photos! The one of the sky is beautiful. And no filter too, that's impressive :)

    May from La Vie En May

  3. Oh man Instagram allllways make me feel like I'm a bomb ass photographer, too! haha

  4. ahahahaha if frozen doesn't win I'm out. AGREED.

    weather. Eff.

  5. Umm you've heard about the storm coming Sunday night right?! I can't TAKE IT ANYMORE! It's time for spring

  6. Your sunset picture is completely amazing!!



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