March 15, 2013

Family Ties

Meet Mom, Dad, Sis, and Bud. They're the best, even when they're not. They make fun of me all the time(I usually deserve it). I love them and I don't know what I'd do without them.

My grandpop built a legacy before he passed away in 2007. He and my Mom-mom had 9 kids (hellooo, Irish Catholic). I have 25 cousins, 5 cousins-in-law, 10 great-cousins, and some others who have been hanging around so long that I forgot they're not actually related to me. My cousins are the best friends anyone could ask for.

loud parties? yes.

My dad's parents had 6 kids. I have 15 cousins, 4 great-cousins, some cousins-in law, and a few others we picked up along the way. We're always having a great time, even if it involves making up stories so we don't have to explain the inappropriate things we're talking about to our hard-of-hearing Grandmom. ;)

"What are we talking about?" - Grandmom

"Families are like music - there are some high notes and some low notes, but it's 
always a beautiful song." - Unknown

XO - Monnny

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