July 27, 2014

Don't Try So Hard

Notice anything different around here? (other than the fact that I'm posting on a Monday...or any day in general) YES, I got a new design, courtesy of Ashley over at Boldly Inspired Design hooked me up with this pretty new outfit for my blog. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and gave me everything I asked for. It was done in less than a week and I'm in love with it! I mean look at the adorable teabag chilling with that cup. LOVE.

Speaking of things I love, it's my birthday today! I love my birthday, even though nobody likes you when you're 23. I fully embrace getting older, although it seems that the older I get, the faster time flies. Scary. I'll be going to my favorite restaurant tonight to get some enchiladas and a margarita. And tomorrow I'll be back to tell you all about my amazing weekend and our Christmas in July party.

The rest of today's post is an awesome linkup that Kate and her friends are hosting about loving yourself and not trying so hard to hide your natural beauty. So here's a pic of me sans makeup and before I flattened my hair with 450 degrees of heat. There's no filter, other than the soft edges my front facing camera gives me and I'm not wearing any makeup. I've got crazy flippy flyaways and my zits aren't hidden by foundation. (Even though they're kind of hard to see with all the fuzziness)
Although I don't prefer going out like this, I figured I'd suck it up and post this for the entire interwebz to see. What I love about myself in this pic (and in general) is my dark blue eyes and my eyebrows that frame them so nicely. Even when I'm not wearing makeup, my eyebrows look good and that gives me confidence. Link up and tell us what you love about your naked face.


  1. You're right -- you have some rocking eyebrows! You also have amazing eyes and some killer cheekbones! Seriously! SO pretty!!!

    Thank you SO much for linking up with up!


  2. First, I freakin' LOVE your hair! I just thought that you should know that. Second, don't hide behind make-up or anything else, you're beautiful and awesome!

  3. I love your hair! So full of body. Beautiful!

  4. UM Hi!!!! I love your new design. Oh, and your face :D

  5. look how pretty you are birthday girl!

  6. I love the new look of the place!
    And I love YOUR look! Your eyebrows are the shit. I'd kill for thicker ones like that!

  7. you're totally right - your eyebrows and eyes are gorgeous! jealous of your gorgeous dark curls too!

  8. first of all, happy birthday :)
    Second, thank you for linking up and sharing your natural beauty with us!! I LOVE your hair!

  9. thanks for linking up and happy birthday! and i love your eyes and eyebrows too. i'm always envious of a pretty brow since my eyebrows are pretty sparse.

  10. Monica, indeed... gorgeous eyebrows, I hear that strong eyebrows represent an independent spirit! I also love that your face just radiates FUN! I don't know you (yet) but I bet you're an Apples to Apples kinda fun?

    I hope #nomakeup selfies become a real trend to balance out the unrealistic expectations the media has created.

    Thank you for being a part of this link-up, you're so brave =)

    I've joined in too!


    (a video of me shaving my head, intimate & vulnerable)


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